What is the current status of Apple vs Spotify?

Spotify’s expansion into new markets is accelerating, and with that has come massive growth in audience worldwide. That growth is so fast, that it looks like the platform may unseat Apple from its decade-long perch at the top of the podcast throne.

According to our data, Spotify has already taken over in South America.

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With its launch in India – one of the fastest-growing markets for podcasts in the world  –  it may be time for Apple to watch its back.

By the end of 2018, Spotify had already earned a 10 to 25% market share on various podcast hosting platforms. Showing its growing influence even more is the fact that more and more shows are launching on Spotify first, then Apple Podcasts later. The biggest opportunity for Spotify is gaining dominance across Android devices, which have a far larger share of the market (75% to iOS’s 24%) worldwide.


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