Voxnest: The New Professional Solution for Your Podcast Business

Producing a podcast means keeping multiple plates spinning. We put in the hours for those lightning bolt moments of creative payoff, presenting polished and appealing content while just below the surface it’s business as usual. There’s data to track, advertisers to consider, and profit to earn.

Every aspect of the process comes with its own thrills, but it’s easy to get bogged down by the technical nitty-gritty and lose focus of the mission at the heart of your content. What’s needed is a set of heavy-duty solutions that can work in synergy with your creativity and keep the entire production buoyant and flowing.

That’s where Voxnest comes in. Voxnest is a new company that caters to publishers of every ilk. Its platform presents a set of podcasting solutions designed to optimize your monetization plan, content management, distribution, and analytics tracking.

Who is Voxnest?

Voxnest’s podcasting-focused mission is driven by a diverse team of tech founders and podcast and media industry veterans. In fact, the company just recently acquired Spreaker and Blogtalkradio, meaning its native solutions were created by podcasting experts who have been in the space for years, and who have worked on audio content at companies like ESPN, PodcastOne, and Microsoft. The acquisition also means that Voxnest is now the largest podcast monetization platform in the market.

Voxnest offers a complete set of podcasting tools that can each be integrated into your own professional production process. These tools—Dynamo and the soon-to-come Hive and Cortex— help audio publishers of all grades, from indie podcasters to major media networks, monetize, manage, and track content.

Monetize Your Entire Catalog with Dynamo

Podcasters have long been denied their deserved chance to fully monetize their content catalog. The industry is still plagued by “old media” problems: a lack of communication channels between publishers and advertisers, platforms that lock in content with nonstandard monetization schemes, and episodes that go from evergreen to aging because of stale ads.

Podcasting is new media, and we’ve created Dynamo in order to change the game by giving audio publishers the ability to monetize via a new approach to dynamic ad insertion.

With Dynamo, publishers can choose to place ads throughout all their episodes at pre-, mid-, and post-roll spots. They can even choose segments to target so that audiences only ever hear ads that correspond to the topics they’re listening to. Furthermore, these spots will refresh with every play, updating with new demo- and geo-targeted ads.

What can Dynamo offer you?

Dynamo works just like Google Adsense, and it can be adapted to your content and process, no matter the volume of your production outcome.

Indie publishers: Start bringing in profit via your distributed episodes without having to migrate to a different hosting platform. Meanwhile, your content’s quality will stay intact; manage the kinds of ads that appear throughout your episodes and choose target segments related to your topic.

Commercial publishers: Break into the largest podcast marketplace and maximize revenues by selling your remnant inventory. In addition, you can retain your current production workflow: Dynamo easily integrates with any setup and works side-by-side with your publishing schedule.

A Few Simple Steps Lead to Monetization Optimization

Insert the podcast’s RSS feed Your feed will automatically update with a new RSS prefix as soon as you start placing ads in your episodes.

Add smart pre-, mid-, and post-rolls Episodes will be updated with ever-changing ads every time they’re played so that your content stays evergreen.

See your revenues grow Earn revenue every time ads in your episodes get listened to, no matter where they’ve been distributed.

Refocus on what matters most—your voice and the content you publish. In the meantime, we can keep all those plates spinning for you. With Voxnest’s professional podcasting solutions, you’ll get the condensed, lighter production management workflow you’re looking for.

Join our newest podcasting venture and integrate Voxnest’s tools into your process.

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