Voxnest Announces Partnership with Jamendo

Today we are thrilled to announce the partnership between Voxnest and independent music platform Jamendo. The deal will see benefits for both parties users, Jamendo’s musicians will be able to offer their compositions via our sister platform Spreaker, and Spreaker’s users will be able to license music from Jamendo.

Jamendo’s users will have the opportunity to create professional sounding podcasts with Spreaker, as a way to promote their music and develop an additional revenue stream, via sponsorship or programmatic ad insertion. Podcasts are the perfect medium for musicians to create a narrative about their songs and tours or build an intimate conversation with fans. Agencies and publishers who are already licensing music from Jamendo now have professional tools to create and distribute their branded audio content at their disposal.
For Spreaker’s podcasters, it means access to 9,000 active artists and more than 200,000 tracks to use in their show.

The collaboration between the two brands is a further move to strengthen the growing ties between spoken audio and music. Recent acquisitions in the podcast market, in particular by Spotify, have signaled that the podcast business is seen as a way to enrich the music industry.

Mattia Verzella, Head of Partnerships at Voxnest explained, “Using the right music in a podcast is a powerful way to invoke emotions and build a deeper connection with listeners, however the convoluted rules around licensing have shied many audio producers away from even trying. With this deal, audio creators on Spreaker can now confidently choose music that will enhance their shows without fears they’ll have issues of compliance.”

We look forward to seeing this partnership take action and the path it takes podcasting on.

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