The State of the Podcast Universe Report 2019

Introducing The State of the Podcast Universe 2019

It’s been nothing short of a banner year for the podcasting industry. While podcasts were gaining some serious steam in 2018, the explosion of growth and evolution of content this year truly took podcasting mainstream. With over 800,000 podcasts in existence and the industry on track to make $1 billion in ad revenue by 2021, there are a whole lot of factors to unpack when it comes to examining what caused podcasts to become part of more than 62 million listeners’ weekly routines this year.

In our report, we’ll unpack the biggest podcast industry breakthroughs of 2019:

    1. The “Hollywoodification” of podcasts takes the industry mainstream
    2. International podcast content thrives
    3. Programmatic advertising conversations rise above a whisper

And we’ll cover just about everything that’s been going on throughout the year, plus what we have to look forward to:

    • Business Trends
      • Podcasting is linking arms with industries outside of radio
      • Big players – like Spotify and Slate – double down on podcast investments
      • Programmatic advertising conversations are causing a stir 
    • Marketing and Community Trends
      • Live podcast events skyrocket
      • Marketing started to matter more
    • Production and Content Trends
      • Audio production leaders are crying out for criticism
      • International-friendly content booms, and countries outside of the US really start delving into their own creation 
      • Changing productions costs and producer conditions 
      • Increase of daily news podcasts
    • Listening Trends
      • It’s an Android world, and Spotify knows it
        • November’s Apple vs. Spotify report is included
      • Desktop consumption drops
      • Women work on closing the gap in recent months
      • Listening catapults in Spanish-speaking marketing and Central Europe
    • What’s Ahead for 2020?
      • Discoverability must improve
      • More international markets will join the craze
      • The gap between professional and amateur podcaster will grow
      • Other players will fill the listening gap

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Needless to say, from all angles of the podcast universe, it’s been a busy year in the industry and there are a plethora of interesting new and solidified ideas that we’re excited to explore. It’s also been a banner year for Voxnest, so in celebration of exactly that, we’re thrilled to share our second annual State of the Podcast Universe report with you. Get your copy below!

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