Partnership Increases Podcast Monetization Capabilities in Europe

We’re thrilled to reveal our new partnership today with Audion, an audio advertising technology company based in France. The collaboration will give podcasts in our network access to high quality audio ads via Audion’s advertising partners.

As our network of publishers and podcasts continues to grow in Europe, we sought out an advertising partner that could deliver ads to the shows utilizing our dynamic ad insertion technology. The clear choice was Audion, as they continue to pave the way for audio advertising in Europe.

“We offer a unique product to communicate more effectively in this medium,” said Arthur Larrey, Cofounder of Audion. “From radio podcasts and professional media to independent podcast producers, it’s now possible to reach millions of active podcast listeners all over Europe thanks to our technologies and services.”

Both of us focus on dynamic ad insertion, an even newer concept in the podcast advertising world. As the industry begins to recognize the benefits of this delivery mechanism – advertisers can keep their ads relevant and publishers can monetize their entire catalog – we both want to be at the forefront of the conversation.

“While advertisers in the U.S. have been harnessing the power of programmatic ads on podcasts for some time, we’re now starting to see a significant amount of growth in Europe,” said Francesco Baschieri, President of Voxnest. “As we focus our efforts on this market’s rise, it’s been invaluable to find a partner that not only has existing relationships with well-known brands in Europe, but is actively educating the market on the value of investing in this type of advertising on podcasts.”

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