New Partnership Between Voxnest and Deezer

Exciting news, we’ve teamed up with the international music streaming platform Deezer. The partnership will give Deezer a catalogue of audio content and Spreaker’s podcasters the chance to grow their listener and financial potential.

Chris Baughen, VP of Content and Productions at Deezer said: “Deezer can be a platform of choice for the thousands of talented creators who are trying to reach new listeners with their content.”

Since launching over 11 years ago, Deezer has accumulated over 14 million monthly users across the globe, listening to 53 million tracks. The company  continues to grow at a great rate and in particular within the Latin America market.

The expansion within the Mid/South America region partners perfectly with the wealth of Spreaker’s Spanish language content.  Voxnest VP, Podcaster Relations Rob Greenlee said: “Latin America, already proven to be one of the most important geographies for recorded audio, is really an untapped opportunity for massive growth.”

This is particularly great news for podcast creators in Spain, offering many more monetization opportunities.  Podcasters in Mexico, Columbia, Argentina and the rest of Latin America will also soon have the possibility to monetize their podcasts on the Spreaker platform, taking advantage of the partnership as well.

If you’re a podcaster worried about ads devaluing your content, or you don’t know how monetization works – take a look at this blog post. Please note that Voxnest only hosts ads supported by trusted partners which are placed according to the listener’s location and country.

We hope you see the benefits and reap the rewards of this partnership – there’s literally a new world of listeners out there for you.

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