Lessons Learned from Podcast Movement 2019

While we’ve been to just about every big industry event over the last several years, Podcast Movement earlier last month was one of our favorite events that we’ve been a part of! A big reason for that was our sponsorship of the Live Stage sessions. While there were a ton of great sessions throughout the week in Orlando, we had the pleasure of setting the program for five of the panels. Led by our Head of Content, Jonathan Zenti, we truly had a fantastic variety of topics and speakers.

If you weren’t there (or you were stuck behind a booth or in a meeting), no worries, we’ve got you covered! We’re sharing the videos from each session and a few lessons learned along the way.

Lesson #1: Podcast Topics Have Depth

In our session about body and intimacy, we hear from some incredible podcast producers who explore the depths of this (sometimes) tricky topic. The beauty of the podcast format is the ability for hosts to be vulnerable and take their listeners there with them.

See “The Sounds of Skin and Body” session below.

Lesson #2: Any Niche Can Find a Following

In an interview dripping with sarcasm — in fact, neither guest or host broke character the entire time — about investigating why McDonald’s stopped serving pizza (yeah, you read that right), it became apparent that no matter how specific or what the angle is, a show can find a following. The audience’s laughter throughout the entire interview was proof of exactly that.

See the “Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s?” session below.

Lesson #3: Comedy Isn’t as Easy as You Think

As four comedic podcast producers explained the ideation and writing of their shows, it became extremely clear that comedy isn’t about “just being funny.” There’s a lot of work that goes into the creation of comedy that isn’t for the faint of heart.

See the “Making People Laugh is a Serious Job” session below. 

Lesson #4: Content and Industry Can Be Friends

In just a few years, podcasting has turned from a fun activity to a viable career option, and it’s now a multimillion-dollar industry. Our panelists discussed how, with the right approach, shows and monetization can truly be a successful pairing.

See the “Content and Industry – Friends, Relatives or Total Strangers?” session below.

Lesson #5: Podcast Ideas are Limitless!

During our session where we let podcasters pitch their ideas to some amazing podcast producers and experts, we heard some truly awesome concepts. From sci-fi stories based in real historical events to a show that supports the challenges of being an only child as an adult (our winner’s idea!), the ideas for podcasts are truly unending.

See “Goldfish Tank” session below. 


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