Introducing Voxnest’s New Head of Strategic Partnerships

The Voxnest team is expanding. At the end of last year we welcomed our new Head of Content Jonathan Zenti, now we’re excited to introduce our new Head of Strategic Partnership: Mattia Verzella.

Mattia will be responsible for growing the Voxnest brand in a strategic manner with key areas of focus. Firstly, he will work to establish new – and boost existing – partnerships with ad-technology firms, aiming to increase monetization opportunities for both podcasters and advertisers. He will also create channels for content promotion on a variety of digital properties. More broadly, he will work with a variety of tech companies to build new experiences and solutions for both content creators and listeners.

Mattia is a Business Development Strategist who comes with over 15 years’ experience and is specialized in building alliances and partnerships that provide a greater value than the sum of the parts.  Originally from the home of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, Italy, Mattia graduated from University of Trento in northern Italy in Law. While at college, he moved to Spain and fell in love with the Spanish language and the city of Madrid, where, after graduating, he worked as a Content Editor for one of the pioneers of digital music distribution: Vitaminic.

Fascinated by Silicon Valley and San Francisco’s innovative spirit, his next move was to spend more than a decade working for Gracenote, developing partnership programs and managing content teams dedicated to the support of the music, consumer electronics and automotive businesses.

Mattia spent a couple of years in the behavioral research and academic field, supporting longitudinal studies at NYU and clinical research for the private sector – establishing key partnerships with consumer data providers. At Voxnest Mattia has returned to his lifelong passion, the intersection of entertainment content, consumer data and technology.

Nowadays, Mattia calls Brooklyn home.

If you think your business and Voxnest could be stronger together then get in touch with Mattia via his LinkedIn page.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Mattia to the team!

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