Apple vs. Spotify — August Data

Since March, we’ve been tracking the crusades for podcast listeners from both Apple and Spotify. Without fail, both companies have brought a new announcement or improvement to their podcast offerings each month. And, each month we’ve seen listeners gained by Spotify, while Apple often re-stakes their claim in countries that were previously stolen from them. 

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Lessons Learned from Podcast Movement 2019

While we’ve been to just about every big industry event over the last several years, Podcast Movement earlier last month was one of our favorite events that we’ve been a part of! A big reason for that was our sponsorship of the Live Stage sessions. While there were a ton of great sessions throughout the week in Orlando, we had the pleasure of setting the program for five of the panels. Led by our Head of Content, Jonathan Zenti, we truly had a fantastic variety of topics and speakers.

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Apple VS Spotify – July 2019

It’s no secret, Apple and Spotify are engaged in a pretty intense battle for podcast listeners, and we’ve been reporting on it since things really started to heat up in March. 

Over the last couple of months, Spotify has shifted gears and has been hitting Europe hard. As we detailed last month, Spotify’s takeover of Germany (among other European countries) was particularly significant because of how much the growth is occurring there in the podcast industry.

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Apple VS Spotify – June 2019

Since we originally reported on Apple and Spotify’s podcast power struggle in March, we’ve been keeping an eye on the tug-of-war between the two audio giants every month or so. 

While we had a sneak peek before it came out, Spotify officially rolled out a reengineered library in mid-June. The update gives podcasts a completely separate tab from music, making “getting started and staying up-to-date with podcasts on Spotify a seamless, personalized experience.” Plus, they’ve taken other big steps to emphasize their stake in podcast land by announcing a partnership to produce podcasts with Barack and Michelle Obama and producing more podcast-focused content online. Continue reading “Apple VS Spotify – June 2019”

Do Listening Behaviors Vary Based on a Podcast’s Category?

The Truth

Producing a successful podcast isn’t as simple as it once was. Don’t get us wrong, there’s still plenty of room to make a splash in the industry (as it’s just now really taking off), but it is important as a publisher to take note and make adjustments as insights and information become more readily available.

While there are plenty of general rules of thumb for things like topic selection, show flow/format, publishing times and marketing tactics, we wanted to see if we could drill down and find insights that would be specifically helpful depending on the category of podcast.  

Good thing we did a deep dive, because we found that listening behaviors, based on the podcast’s category, significantly differ. Which means that, as a podcaster, publishing time, based on the podcast’s category, truly matters. This also gives advertisers the data they need to partner with particular podcast categories as an opportunity to develop more time-specific ads.

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