Apple VS Spotify – March 2019

Last month we released data comparing Apple and Spotify’s territorial hold within the global podcast industry. This insight proved to be such a revealing piece of content that we plan to follow the pair’s international progress on a monthly basis – with the aim of giving a clear presentation of the rate at which Spotify move into the podcasting world.  

In February the data demonstrated Spotify’s expansion into the South American market and its potential to take over India with its imminent launch. Since the report, Spotify officially launched in India and our March map clearly shows its ‘green takeover’. Furthermore, the map also shows that Spotify has taken control of Spain. A demonstration of the platform’s growing dominance within the Spanish language market, with the addition of Spain and the already prominent presence in Latin America – where will they go next considering the medium’s extremely strong Spanish language content?

Click here to download the pdf version

Lastly, Spotify has moved into Singapore and part of Indonesia, a sign that podcasting is expanding into new areas of the earth.

The podcast industry is changing at a rapid rate – come back to see how this image will look next month. Tune in at the beginning of May for our new report.

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