Apple VS Spotify – July 2019

It’s no secret, Apple and Spotify are engaged in a pretty intense battle for podcast listeners, and we’ve been reporting on it since things really started to heat up in March. 

Over the last couple of months, Spotify has shifted gears and has been hitting Europe hard. As we detailed last month, Spotify’s takeover of Germany (among other European countries) was particularly significant because of how much the growth is occurring there in the podcast industry.

Since our June report — where Apple and Spotify both introduced big news — things have been quieter (although we doubt that’s for long). Even with a lack of announcements, other than introducing a new original podcast in Germany, the waves of Spotify’s June announcements and improvements continue to help their takeover of Europe. In the month of July, Spotify became the most popular podcast listening tool in Austria, The Czech Republic and Romania

July worldwide coverage of Apple and Spotify.

While Apple remains the most popular podcasting app for now, the GIF below showcases just how quickly Spotify has gained new territory over the first six months of 2019. With Apple’s limiting factor of availability only on iOS devices, we wonder how long Apple will reign supreme. Our President, Francesco Baschieri, shared his thoughts on the subject in a story with The Mac Observer a few weeks ago: 

“Because Apple has dominated podcasts for so long, some may be wary of Spotify’s ability to gain a significant share of voice in the industry. However, if Spotify continues down their current path — pursuing markets, like Germany, that are on the cusp of explosion and focusing on Android-strong geographies — it’s clear to see that they can truly rival Apple. Because iOS limits where Apple podcasts can be heard, Spotify may soon be the real contender. How will Apple hold on when it can’t compete in markets like Brazil where 90% of consumers are on Androids?”

What new tricks do you think Apple has up their sleeve to fend off Spotify’s advancements? We’ll find out as the battle continues on.

Spotify’s takeover (in green) from January-July 2019.

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