Advertisers Have Found a Home in Podcasts & it’s Successful

Podcast listeners and advertising are finding mutual understanding: a passion for on-demand audio content. Last year an analysis by Bridge Ratings predicted that as advertisers gained more and more confidence in podcasts, the market spend for the Podcast space will expand at a consistent 25% a year through to 2020.

Likewise, Advertising Age projects that advertisers will strive for their content marketing plans to include the production of audience-oriented content that aligns with their brand’s purpose and values. All this garners into a glaring reality: podcasting advertising is a permanent part of our media landscape.

The Era of Branded Podcasts

A movement that is gaining strength in 2018 is branded podcasts. Many companies have started to create their own branded podcast as an alternative to purchasing ads in other podcasts.

Tech entrepreneur Anthony Frasier remarks that “what makes branded audio content great is they allow brands to create an entire experience.”  4 vastly uniquely branded podcasts show just how creative businesses can get:

  1. The very first of these uniquely branded podcasts to reach #1 on iTunes was “The Message”, a joint effort between General Electric and Slate Magazine. Each podcast brings a new episode of fictional Sci-Fi tale that revolves around sound technology.
  2. The goal is to associate the brand with a compelling message. That’s how Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Starbucks executive producer Rajiv Chandrasekaran began Upstanders, a podcast that celebrates true American spirit through stories of compassion, optimism inspiring individuals.
  3. Another goal is also understanding your audience and expanding the brand’s ideology into day to day life. The office chat platform Slack’s hugely successful Variety Pack is all about great team-building, culture, innovation and everything in-between.
  4. Can you believe, even banks are in on this?! Umpqua paints itself as “the West Coast’s largest, and most unconventional, community bank.” So it’s not surprising that its podcast Open Account addresses very bluntly one of American culture’s largest taboos – money.

Finding Their Voice, Finding Profit


Many companies are following suit and are finding that it is a wise investment when working with audio advertising on podcasts networks. A recent report from Triton Digital showed that 65% of podcast listeners would be more willing to buy products from companies that they’ve heard advertised on their favorite podcast.

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