2020 Mid-Year Podcast Industry Report

Introducing the 2020 Mid-Year Preview

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2020 has been nothing short of a wild ride so far. No matter where your company is headquartered or what industry you’re in, you’ve inevitably felt the impact – in one way or another – of the coronavirus pandemic and civil rights unrest in the United States.

The podcast industry is certainly no exception. After the banner year that 2019 was for podcasting, the juxtaposition of 2020 has been challenging to maneuver, and now interesting to examine. To say that this will be a less successful year in podcasting is not necessarily true, but the industry has certainly had to do a lot of pivoting and adjusting based on the plans that were laid out at the beginning of the year. 

This new mid-year report was part of our original plan for 2020, but the contents are shaping up to look much different than we could’ve originally imagined. While our State of the Podcast Universe Report is typically only released once at the end of the year, we decided that taking a moment to reflect on and analyze the industry more than once a year is important because of how quickly podcasting continues to evolve. And now, more than ever, we think the timing of sharing these mid-year findings can truly be beneficial in helping to guide the industry forward. 

Report Content

In addition to highlighting how coronavirus has impacted the podcasting industry, we also do a deep dive into everything else that’s been taking shape during the first half of the year:

Business Trends
    • Uptick of Podcast Publishers
    • Watch Out World, Spotify Means Business
Advertising Trends
    • Listeners Accepting of More Ads
    • A Dynamic Evolution for Host-Read Ads
Listening Trends
    • The War Wages on Between Apple and Spotify
    • The World is Podcasting’s Oyster
    • Coronavirus’ Impact on Categories & Devices
Content Trends
    • Portuguese & Spanish-Speaking Countries Bloom
    • Real-Time Storytelling
    • Coronavirus and Content

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Even with the disruptions to normality that 2020 has brought to the industry, it’s clear to see that podcasting is full speed ahead. We’re excited to see how the rest of the year shapes up, but until then, enjoy uncovering what the first half has brought us by downloading your copy below.

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